We get so much rain, why do we need effluent recycling?

Effluent recycling is only used in extreme drought stricken parts of the world where they have no alternatives, like California and Namibia. Hampshire is not in an extreme drought stricken part of the world, we get plenty of rain, we just don’t do enough to capture the water and store it.

With Climate change we will be getting even more extreme storms which will cause flooding. Southern Water need to do much more to capture excess winter rainfall and store it for dry summers. Then we the customers don’t need to pay a fortune to treat and recycle effluent from Budds Farm Sewage Treatment Works. The planet will not have to pay the cost of all that carbon to build the infrastructure and to treat/ pump 3 Olympic size swimming pools of water every day of the year, even when we don’t need the water!

Please respond to the Southern Water consultation before the 16 August (Tuesday) to tell them what you think.

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