Southern Water change their volume numbers. Are we surprised?

When Southern Water originally briefed Stakeholders on their plans to pump treated recycled effluent into the Havant Thicket Reservoir, they told them they would put 5 million litres a day of recycled water into the reservoir and pump 5 million litres a day 40km west to Otterbourne, near Winchester.

On page 6 of the consultation they now tell us that the ‘sweetening flow’ of water that they need to pump in and out of the reservoir every day to maintain flows through the plant and flows through the pipelines has gone up to a staggering 7.5 million litres a day. That means they will now need to treat and pump 40km the equivalent of 3 Olympic size swimming pools of water every day of the year, even though the additional water is only needed at time of drought!

What a waste of energy and carbon!

Just imagine how much energy and chemicals will be needed to treat 3 Olympic size swimming pools of water Budds Farm effluent every day of the year. Then think about how much energy and carbon will be needed to pump that water 40km to Otterbourne, near Winchester. Then remember that it is Southern Water’s customers that will paying the daily cost for treating and pumping the recycled water, even when we don’t need it and Hampshire’s rivers are full.

At what cost to you, the customer, and to the planet?

Surely there must be a better more environmentally sound solution that works with climate change.

Please respond to the Southern Water consultation before the 16 August (Tuesday) to tell them what you think.

To respond directly, please click the image below and you will be taken directly to the first page of the Consultation.