Peel Common – Why are SW ignoring the obvious?

Have you noticed the text on page 43 of the ‘Scheme Development Summary’ document available for download with the current Southern Water consultation information, which says;

The back-up option B5 is not being developed further in its entirety at this stage and is not progressing through any consent process. However, as options B4 and B5 share some of the same components (including some pipelines), the progress made in developing these components for option B4 means that some components are progressed for option B5.”

This makes it clear that Southern Water are not progressing the alternative Peel Common(B5) with any real intent, even though Ofwat have now confirmed funding for Southern Water to pursue both schemes and keep an alternative option on the table.

Option B5 has many advantages over the Budds Farm (B4) proposal, including shorter pipelines. We discuss these options elsewhere on this site.

Southern Water have already confirmed that Peel Common has greater environmental benefit / and less impact in relation to the discharge of effluent to the Solent.

The public should be concerned that this appears to show that Southern Water are keen to ensure there is not a viable alternative on the table.