Reserve your place at the Civic Plaza, Wednesday 15 February

Following the combined Havant borough residents’ ‘Message in a Bottle’ campaign, Alex Rennie has set up a public meeting for Wednesday 15 February at the Civic Plaza at 5:00 pm. We encourage all of you with concerns and views about Southern Water’s proposed water recycling plant and its potential interaction with Portsmouth Water’s Havant Thicket Reservoir to come along.

From the Council’s Press Release:

Representatives from both water companies will be invited to answer questions put to them by residents on the proposals to recycle treated wastewater.  Following further consultation on the detail of the project, it would then be submitted as a ‘Development Consent Order’ to the Secretary of State who, through examination of evidence and hearing the views of local stakeholders, will determine the outcome.  

Councillor Alex Rennie said: “How we source fresh water is a critical issue for our society to address, with climate change making this increasingly challenging. The proposal to use enhanced treated wastewater would be the first time this technology would be used in this country. Given the Solent’s high quality environment, this proposal is a massive concern to our residents. 

“I want to give our residents every opportunity to ask questions directly to both water companies on their proposals.  This will enable them to take part in the consultation currently being run by Southern Water, with an informed opinion of the proposals.”

Seating is limited to 150 on a first come first served basis, so please take this opportunity to sign up via Eventbrite.