Southern Water Webinars

Southern Water are holding a series of online ‘webinars’ to give you the opportunity to ask questions. The first one took place on 26th July and you can get a flavour of the content of the first webinar by viewing the following video, which covers the first 40 minutes.

Two further webinars will be run on 3rd August and 11th August. To register for these sessions, send an email by clicking this link to

To home in on individual sections of the webinar, take the links in the table below the video.

Video linkContents
IntroductionsIntroduction to the Southern Water and Portsmouth Water panel on the call.
PresentationStart of presentation slides.
The Overall ProgrammeOverview of the overall programme.
WRP AnimationA simple video ‘selling’ the reverse osmosis water recycling process.
Pipeline corridorsDiscussion of the pipeline corridors
Pipeline constructionOverview of the different techniques for getting the pipes into the ground.
Permission to developOverview of the Development Consent Order process
Assessing the EnvironmentHigh level environmental considerations
SummaryWrapping up the presentation part of the webinar.
QuestionsThe start of public questions.