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You can complete the Southern Water feedback questionnaire by clicking the following image. The link will take you directly to the Southern Water survey site and will open in a separate browser tab.

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Further Information

Before you complete the feedback questionnaire, we recommend that you read through the pages first to familiarise yourself with the questions. Simply scroll down each page and page forward and backward as shown at the bottom of each question set.

If you would like further information before you complete the feedback questionnaire, we have prepared two further pages giving greater detail. If you select the highlighted links, each page will open in a separate browser tab so you can cross refer as you fill in the questions.

The first page covers the potential impacts that the proposal may have on, for example, drinking water, the environment, the planned Havant Thicket Reservoir and Langstone Harbour.

The second page sets out some detailed challenges to the proposal that you might want to consider before forming your own opinion on particular survey questions.